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‘How Not to Photograph Sex Workers’ – Andy Day (fStoppers)

Focused around two photographic projects in which the subject is sex workers. Namely the 2014 book ‘The Waiting Game’ by Txema Salvans a Spanish photographer and the 2020 Henry/Bragg project ‘Abscence of Evidence’. Salvans project is a series of 5×4 photographs, made over eight years, of sex workers waiting besides Catalan roads.The images are madeContinue reading “‘How Not to Photograph Sex Workers’ – Andy Day (fStoppers)”

The Genius of Photography – Gerry Badger (2006)

It seems every book I have read recently is trying to fulfil the same aim, that of documenting the history of photography. I will admit however that whilst Badger’s ‘The Genius of Photography: How photography has changed our lives’ is structured in that familiar way, it’s differs in the actual content. Where other books seeContinue reading “The Genius of Photography – Gerry Badger (2006)”

Photography, Race & Invisibility. The liberation of Paris, in black and white. – Cecile Bishop (2018)

Cecile Bishop raises the question of representation in photography through the events of August 1944 and the allied liberation of Paris following Nazi population during World War Two. Highlighting a fact that I was definitely not aware of, despite being a somewhat interested party, surrounding the lack of black soldiers shown in the photographs ofContinue reading “Photography, Race & Invisibility. The liberation of Paris, in black and white. – Cecile Bishop (2018)”

Walker Evans: Carey Ross’s Bedroom – Oliver Richon – Photographies (08 Apr 2011)

Oliver Richon’s essay on Walker Evans’ ‘Carey Ross’s Bedroom, is less of a read of a photograph and more of a read of the photographer. Right off the bat I want to admit I had a hard time following this essay. Richon frequently references quotes in their argument which when using sparingly and with contextContinue reading “Walker Evans: Carey Ross’s Bedroom – Oliver Richon – Photographies (08 Apr 2011)”

Jeff Wall: Exposure – Deutsche Guggenheim (2007)

Exposure, an exhibition commissioned and curated by Deutsche Guggenheim, a collaboration between The Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation and Deutsche Bank AG, for presentation Nov 3rd 2007 through Jan 20 2008. This particular exhibition of Jeff Wall’s work comprised of 5 of Wall’s colour works but also incorporated 4 newly commissioned Black & White works exclusiveContinue reading “Jeff Wall: Exposure – Deutsche Guggenheim (2007)”

Poststructuralism: A Very Short Introduction – Catherine Belsen (2002)

Writing a short essay on a book about Poststructuralism seems quite ironic as one of the opening chapters focuses on the use of technical language to declare one’s proficiency in a subject matter, thereby confirming the legitimacy of the educational systems control over the structure of knowledge and who is recognised as qualified in thatContinue reading “Poststructuralism: A Very Short Introduction – Catherine Belsen (2002)”


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