Exercise 1.1: The Instrument

Having shot with DSLRs for over ten years having the first project tell me to switch to auto mode was a challenge in itself.

I felt this was a quick project which could be completed whilst I was reading so I jumped at the chance to tick off a piece of work quickly.

Whilst reading a couple of lines from the guidance stuck with me; “At first glance they look the same, but are they?”

This is any idea I have explored in the past, marginally changing position, framing or exposure searching for the exact moment I want to capture. Also, the discussion around the camera serving us reminds me of thought of the ghost in the machine. The thought of the intelligence of equipment and computers, the thought of the soul within a musical instrument supporting the artists creations.

I took 4 quick images of my dog and housemate Jasmine. Something I do everyday on my phone and only occasionally with my camera.

Flicking between the images at full size it becomes obvious that the camera has chosen slightly different exposure settings, marginal changes in the focus point and coupled with the minor movements in my own hand slight changes in framing. If the camera didn’t auto select the extremely effective stabilizing there would no doubt be minor image drift also.

These minor changes are reflected in the RGB histogram displayed also.

In some ways this does pose the question; ‘Is it really us choosing the image we make?’

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