First Feedback

Monday was the first day I spoke with my course tutor Clive. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the session but I did find the conversation and feedback useful. The previous evening I updated my blog with the first of my thoughts and couple of test images that I had managed to create over the weekend whilst considering the first assignment.

With being out of education for so long and my previous experiences being very dictated and mandated it was refreshing to have a more casual conversation and open discussion around the course objectives and aims.

I found Clive provided some very useful feedback on my work so far, suggesting how to use different techniques and direction to tell differentiations stories and present information to build context and communicate. All ideas I’d never really considered and when highlighted have helped me with making a coherent collection.

I found his positivity and recognition extremely useful in building my confidence in my abilities, although now I feel a need to rise to the occasion as the say.

Today I received my education pack and I’m looking forward to getting stuck in with the projects alongside my assignment, I feel that these challenges will help reinforce my learning whilst giving me an opportunity to further explore the subject of square mile.

Whilst I am aware it is not required that the assignment is submitted for assessment, I will endeavor to do this as I would appreciate a multitude of opinions and the experience of fulfilling the requirements of the course.

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