Spark of Inspiration

I’ve been reading through the next assignments to keep myself from focusing too much on one thing. I find that if I juggle a few different concepts around at the same I start to manifest ideas across the range of projects and assignements.

At first I like to record the images whilst they are fresh in my mind to be used or reshot/reimagined later.

The other night I spent a long time staring at the images for assignment 1, considering which I would use and how I would arrange those for presentation. It was during this evening I decided to start annotations upon the prints themselves as I moved them around.

The morning after this idea came to me that it would be so interesting do record that moment as a ‘Decisive Moment’ whilst also flipping the concept on its head being a staged self portrait.

For the moment I still quite like the concept but I’m not sure on my execution. Mainly due to the available lighting.

I did edit these images with the idea of recreating the ‘feel’ of black and white with the use of direct light and contrast. I think I would like this image to be a contrast to the other images I use to highlight the fact it is a self portrait and doesn’t fit within the usual understanding of a captured decisive moment.

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