Exercise 1.2 Point

For this exercise I stumbled across an interesting memorial within the grounds of west Cemetery local to my Square Mile area. I was hoping to find something for the assignment but discovered this as a nice example to sue for the exercise instead.

Top left image, I feel the centre right focus creates too much space below the point and the flow of background doesn’t create movement through the image, also the background creates a messy back drop which is distracting rather than contributory.

Top centre image, I feel this works better than the first image as moving the point to just below the low right corner of a rule of 1/3s grid open up the back ground allowing for movement of the eyes in the image whilst filling the frame more effectively

Top right image, the low right point is quite interesting here due to the grave stone framing the left side but again the background becomes flat and distracting whilst the light doesn’t work well in this space.

Lower left image, I felt close with this image, I found the point sat well on the lower left point of a rule of 1/3s grid giving the image space to breath by creating distance between myself and the point. It allowed the background to open up and create a flow to the image but I feel my framing angle didn’t quite work effectively as the first row of the stones created a barrier to the depth of the image

Lower centre image, much the same as the others, the point is placed in a position which creates a busy and distracting background without much depth whilst closing the right side of the image and leaving much too much space to the lower left

Lower right image, this is the image I would choose if I was to include it in a collection. I feel that the overall image lends itself to having the point at the low right point on a rule of 1/3s grid. This time I made the flowers the point and not the flower pot. I also raised my point of view to look slightly down on the image rather than level with. I feel this meant the background whilst still busy showed depth through the different rows of stones and with the walkway between providing a natural passage through the image. I like the way the light hits the flowers casting hard shadows on its edges which help ‘pop’ the ‘point’ out against a relatively flatly lit overall image.

All the images were shot with a 50mm prime at f3.2, I chose the lens purely because it was the one I have been shooting my assignment with. I chose f3.2 to create some mild bokeh to the deeper parts of the image to maintain depth of the image. This meant to achieve good exposure I shot at 1/1000 as without a ND filter I was already on the lowest iso and it was an extremely bright day.

All images are only converted from RAW to jpeg. With no processing whatsoever. I feel I would need to bring some contrast to the image, possibly slightly desaturate the green as I feel the grass is a bit over powering in an otherwise quite colorless environment. Possibly consider a b&w conversion with a tone shift to break up the colours of the headstones to help create more interest in a flat backdrop. I also feel I would take one step to the right to reshoot to bring a little more balance to the image and push the bush at the left side out of frame.

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