Photography Theory, Historic Trends and Practices

Welcome to my first blog post on my own website!

I’ve been keeping a blog over on WordPress for roughly a year now and was looking for ways to pull that information into this website to try and centralise everything I work on.

As you can see for the title my blog focus’ on Photographic Theory and the practices that promote artistic and informative imagery. The series of post I have been creating recently have all been around how the techniques used in modern photography were establish nearly 200 years ago, yet we find that these guidelines and rules are still difficult for people to grasp and use intuitively.

With the advent of camera phones and the subsequent boom in photography as a way of expressing and communicating thoughts, concepts and events has grown exponentially with the use of apps such as Instagram, there has been a rise in the praise of ‘The Edit’. Once again the trend of commoditising a medium by praising the most easily mastered or technologically influenced part of that medium has begun to erode the reverence and acceptance of photography as an art org.

The series I will be posting here will be exploring what is beyond ’The Edit’, I ‘love be reviewing different photographers and several key images from their collections to identify the influences on their art and also the key compositional and interpretational aspects of their images. I believe that these aspects are the hardest to learn or replicate and this is what makes these images and photographers so influential and remembered despite not having access to the post processing tools we have today.

I look forward to the discussions we can have and will be supplementing this blog with a podcast and YouTube channel shortly.

In the mean time keep your lens up!

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