The recommended reading for Narrative was much less comprehensive in comparison to the Context section of the introduction to this unit.

I did however find the reference to Jeff hall very useful as it reminded me of a photographer I had read about last year but had forgotten about.

Mimic (1982) – Jeff Hall

Jeff Hall is known for his constructed images such as the image ‘mimic’ shown above. This image replicates a scene of racial abuse that the artist had witnessed previously and is an excellent image to demonstrate how the narrative tells a story even within a single image.

We can experience the whole occurrence with what we are shown within the frame, effectively evoking emotions and reactions with very little information and no wasted space. I think of this image as the first chapter of a book, creating intrigue and conflict with the freedom to consider what happens next. In a way the desire to seek resolution leaves us wanting more, an excellent trait for a writer to drive their reader onwards through the text. Here it is the cliffhanger that lets us explore our own emotions and thoughts. yet also leaves me wanting to see more of Hall’s work.

It also highlights the importance of external context as an observer of this image could easily consider it verbatim to the moment. An issue that will no doubt be raised further in this unit. But for now I consider this one of the great issues with photography and its practitioners, how far does one go to raise a question or idea before we have a responsibility to identify the work as fictitious? Does that responsibility even exist? Who does the responsibility lie with? And, how does the misappropriation of ‘truthful’ affect opinions and knowledge when misappropriated?

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