Jeff Wall: Exposure – Deutsche Guggenheim (2007)

Exposure, an exhibition commissioned and curated by Deutsche Guggenheim, a collaboration between The Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation and Deutsche Bank AG, for presentation Nov 3rd 2007 through Jan 20 2008. This particular exhibition of Jeff Wall’s work comprised of 5 of Wall’s colour works but also incorporated 4 newly commissioned Black & White works exclusiveContinue reading “Jeff Wall: Exposure – Deutsche Guggenheim (2007)”

Poststructuralism: A Very Short Introduction – Catherine Belsen (2002)

Writing a short essay on a book about Poststructuralism seems quite ironic as one of the opening chapters focuses on the use of technical language to declare one’s proficiency in a subject matter, thereby confirming the legitimacy of the educational systems control over the structure of knowledge and who is recognised as qualified in thatContinue reading “Poststructuralism: A Very Short Introduction – Catherine Belsen (2002)”

Diversity and Inclusion in Photography: A Symposium

On Friday the 21st of May, Bristol Photography Festival held a full day symposium discussing the issues of diversity and inclusion in Photography. This symposium was a collection of talks with and by photographers who are recognised as being from under-represented cultures and communities. The speakers for the day were; Vanley Burke, a black documentaryContinue reading “Diversity and Inclusion in Photography: A Symposium”

‘Nikitha’ – Morgan Shaw (2020)

“It was a powerful experience to be a part of the Black Lives Matter protests. Thousands of people came together to express their frustrations at not only the events unfolding in America but also the everyday inequality within the UK. One of the children said: ‘I want to become queen one day so I canContinue reading “‘Nikitha’ – Morgan Shaw (2020)”

The Truth About Photography, Part 2: Why It’s Not About Gear.

As a self-declared professional photographer the number one question I hear is, “What is the best camera/lens I should get?” Whilst in itself the question is reasonable the premise is often flawed. That is to say a more accurate question would be, “What is the best camera/lens for me?” or “What is the best forContinue reading “The Truth About Photography, Part 2: Why It’s Not About Gear.”

The Theatre of the Face, Portrait Photography Since 1900 – Max Kozloff (2007)

Probably the best book I have read on portraiture, quite a statement to make but so far the vast majority of photography books focusing on portraits are either entirely historic with little reference to the bodies of work of the highlighted practitioners or the other extreme of entirely focusing on a selection of images withContinue reading “The Theatre of the Face, Portrait Photography Since 1900 – Max Kozloff (2007)”

The truth about photography, that photographers don’t want you to know. Part 1: It’s Easy.

That’s right you read that correctly, it’s easy. Why do I say this, especially when I am a photographer, and why don’t other photographers want you to know this. Well let’s start with a little history. Photography, as many my age will remember, mid 20’s obviously, was once the realm of film and chemicals, disposableContinue reading “The truth about photography, that photographers don’t want you to know. Part 1: It’s Easy.”

What can a photograph tell us?

“illiteracy of the future will be ignorance of photography”(Moholy-Nagy:90) Moholy-Nagy, in his quote, echoed the sentiments of Vachel Lindsay’s “the acres of photographs in the Sunday newspapers make us into a hieroglyphic civilisation” (1916), and in these quotes the purpose of this essay is outlined. I intend, with the support of classical critical tools, toContinue reading “What can a photograph tell us?”

‘Philippa in Lockdown, Canterbury, Kent’ – Ranald Mackechnie

‘The pattern of life has changed: the house is tidier, delayed tasks have been completed, the car is idle, and as the chief gardener I’ve never been so happy or productive. The year of 2020 will never be forgotten.’ – Philippa In terms of execution, this photograph and it’s accompanying caption are excellent examples ofContinue reading “‘Philippa in Lockdown, Canterbury, Kent’ – Ranald Mackechnie”

‘I can’t breathe’ – Brunel Johnson, London

“The invisible ones are claiming their power back. The Black Lives Matter movement is the only opportunity for us to claim our rights to be seen, valued and heard, with intention to finally obtain equity for us to succeed” – Estelle (pictured) In this photograph we see the subject, Estelle, square on with direct eyeContinue reading “‘I can’t breathe’ – Brunel Johnson, London”

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