Aftermath and Aesthetics

Following on from my writing on photojournalism I revwed the suggested reading on the “shift from action-based and highly visceral kind of war photography towards ‘aftermath’ photography. The so called ‘late’ style of photography is a concept David Campany proposes, in his article ‘Safety in Numbness: Some remarks on the problem of ‘late’ Photography”, thatContinue reading “Aftermath and Aesthetics”

Project 2: Photojournalism

In project 2 we are asked to consider three questions regarding the critical debate surrounding photojournalism. The arguments, I feel, boil down to one main question, the validity of photography as a documentary medium. The first question we are posed is, do we think Martha Rosler is unfair on socially driven photographers? Is the workContinue reading “Project 2: Photojournalism”

Exercise 1: The impact of Citizen Journalism

For this exercise we are asked to consider the objectivity and effectiveness of the photograph as a document specifically in the modern era of the phone camera which has driven a movement towards the use of amateur photography in mainstream news reporting. Commonly referred to as ‘Citizen Journalism’ the practice of utilising social media toContinue reading “Exercise 1: The impact of Citizen Journalism”


The recommended reading for Narrative was much less comprehensive in comparison to the Context section of the introduction to this unit. I did however find the reference to Jeff hall very useful as it reminded me of a photographer I had read about last year but had forgotten about. Mimic (1982) – Jeff Hall reading “Narrative”

The Issue of the Aesthetic Without Context.

I think to start out in this subject I would like to refer back on my previous blog post ‘Photography and Context’ a short look into the work by Terry Barrett in which he posits the context of an image is defined by three states; ‘The Internal Context’ which is everything we see inside theContinue reading “The Issue of the Aesthetic Without Context.”

(Vicarious) Self Portrait – Part 2

Two weeks ago I completed a small project called (Vicarious) Self Portrait, a collection of images featuring Yazmin as a model which were intended to explore the concept that a portrait is never truly representative of the subject. This idea comes around due to the process involved in creating and capturing a portrait, in whichContinue reading “(Vicarious) Self Portrait – Part 2”

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