Charles Marville

Charles Marville, the official photographer of Emperor Napoleon III was to become the official Paris photographer in 1862. At this time, City Planner Baron George’s-Eugène Haussmann was undertaking the mass transformation and modernisation of Paris, a process that Marville captured in what is recognised as one of the first series of images capturing urban transformation.Continue reading “Charles Marville”

Assignment 5: Photography is Simple

(Vicarious) Self Portrait Concept My initial thoughts on this brief was to take the title very literally. For me that meant boiling down photography to it’s simplest forms and building a concept around that. In my opinion the simplest form of photography in the modern world is the phone camera, very much like a pointContinue reading “Assignment 5: Photography is Simple”

‘Photography and Context’ – Terry Barrett

In preparation for assignment 5, a suggested reading for research is the article ‘Photographs and Context’ by Terry Barrett, the article in full can be found at In this article Terry Barrett discusses how the ‘meaning’ and interpretation of a photograph is highly reliant on the presentation if said image. An example presented byContinue reading “‘Photography and Context’ – Terry Barrett”

Assignment 4 – ‘You’re Always Welcome Here’

Brief Revisit one of the exercises on daylight,artificial light or controlled light from Part Four (Ex 4.1, Ex 4.2, Ex 4.3) and develop it into a formal submission. Concept For this assignment I decided to follow up on the exercise Artificial Light, I enjoyed the exercise as I found exploring the topics I have beenContinue reading “Assignment 4 – ‘You’re Always Welcome Here’”

Exercise 4.2: Artificial Light

Capture ‘the beauty of artificial light’ For this exercise I wanted to to capture ambient light rather than fixed studio , mainly as I feel there is so much variety available in the city that I would find no end of different scenes and feelings to capture. Below is a selection of images that IContinue reading “Exercise 4.2: Artificial Light”

Photography Theory, Historic Trends and Practices

Welcome to my first blog post on my own website! I’ve been keeping a blog over on WordPress for roughly a year now and was looking for ways to pull that information into this website to try and centralise everything I work on. As you can see for the title my blog focus’ on PhotographicContinue reading “Photography Theory, Historic Trends and Practices”

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