Research point – ‘Jpegs’ (Thomas Ruff)

As directed by the course learning I took some time today to read the two reviews of ‘Jpegs’ the photo book created by Thomas Ruff. The reviews can be Jörg Colberg and David Campany can be found at the following website addresses Having not viewed the subject matter myself I found it aContinue reading “Research point – ‘Jpegs’ (Thomas Ruff)”

Collecting First Test Shots

Today I decided to do some first test shots to prepare for presenting concepts to a representative from Coffee4Craig the homeless charity I’ve engaged to shoot my next series with. So far only a couple of my resources have arrived so this test was merely to consider the concept and doesn’t represent the standard ofContinue reading “Collecting First Test Shots”

Collecting Concept Research

Having reconceptualising my second assignment after visiting the Imperial War Museum North I have starting looking into how museums go about photographing their collections. Intend on replicating these looks but with my own interpretation. So far far I have come across a few websites that outline the basics of their process. I have found thatContinue reading “Collecting Concept Research”

Collecting Concept Changes

Having completed and submitted assignment 1 my attention was immediately drawn to assignment 2. As outlined in my reflection for assignment 1 I felt I missed the human element of the theme I chose to pursue. Originally I wanted to explore the theme of collecting as a trophy cabinet. Exploring how people utilize modern dayContinue reading “Collecting Concept Changes”

The Photograph as Contemporary Art

Charlotte Cotton – 3rd Edition The book that arrived with my course pack has been gaining creases in its binding as I keep picking up and putting down the text browsing through the images. I’ve decided to start making notes on the artists and images that I find most interesting as a starting block forContinue reading “The Photograph as Contemporary Art”

Square Mile Final Submission

Barrier to Entry Brief Make a series of six to twelve photographs in response to the concept of ‘The Square Mile’. Concept There is a concept within Welsh culture called Y Filltir Sgwar (The Square Mile). It is the intimate connection between people and their childhood ‘home’ surroundings. Interpretation Presented with the brief and conceptContinue reading “Square Mile Final Submission”

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