The Genius of Photography – Gerry Badger (2006)

It seems every book I have read recently is trying to fulfil the same aim, that of documenting the history of photography. I will admit however that whilst Badger’s ‘The Genius of Photography: How photography has changed our lives’ is structured in that familiar way, it’s differs in the actual content. Where other books seeContinue reading “The Genius of Photography – Gerry Badger (2006)”

Photography, Race & Invisibility. The liberation of Paris, in black and white. – Cecile Bishop (2018)

Cecile Bishop raises the question of representation in photography through the events of August 1944 and the allied liberation of Paris following Nazi population during World War Two. Highlighting a fact that I was definitely not aware of, despite being a somewhat interested party, surrounding the lack of black soldiers shown in the photographs ofContinue reading “Photography, Race & Invisibility. The liberation of Paris, in black and white. – Cecile Bishop (2018)”

Portrait of Britain Vol.3 – Hoxton Mini Press (2020)

I thought it would be good to write a short piece on the Portrait of Britain book as I have been working through ‘reading’ some of the images that are included and also because it is the first time I have had work included in a publication like this. Portrait of Britain is a competitionContinue reading “Portrait of Britain Vol.3 – Hoxton Mini Press (2020)”

About Looking – John Berger (1980)

About looking is more a collection of reflections on individual artists and works than it is an overall statement on art as found in Ways of Seeing. Berger here writes short essays on a multitude of artists often focussed around a singular piece of work which he selects as a defining moment in their careers,Continue reading “About Looking – John Berger (1980)”

Ways of Seeing – John Berger (1972)

Ways of Seeing is a collection of short essays on the reading of images. A surprisingly short but dense read which looks to bring a sense of clarity to the understanding of art criticism. Asboth a guide for understanding the criticism and reading of images as well as a middle finger to the established conventionsContinue reading “Ways of Seeing – John Berger (1972)”

Mythologies – Roland Barthes (1957)

Mythology, as defined by the Oxford Dictionary is “A set of stories or beliefs about a particular person, institution, or situation, especially when exaggerated or fictitious.” We attach to that definition the sense of history or legend, the tales of heroic endeavours by singular people, often men, against the foreboding beasts of ancient lore. ItContinue reading “Mythologies – Roland Barthes (1957)”

‘Navigating the Art World: Professional Practice for the Early Career Artist’ -Delphian Gallery 2020

The summary of this review will probably be “style over substance”. Is this a bad review? Not necessarily or intentionally but unfortunately the result of many social media driven endeavours. This book, sold and created by Delphian Gallery, is pitched as a guide for artists looking for a foothold in the gallery world, the verboseContinue reading “‘Navigating the Art World: Professional Practice for the Early Career Artist’ -Delphian Gallery 2020”

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