‘Nikitha’ – Morgan Shaw (2020)

“It was a powerful experience to be a part of the Black Lives Matter protests. Thousands of people came together to express their frustrations at not only the events unfolding in America but also the everyday inequality within the UK. One of the children said: ‘I want to become queen one day so I canContinue reading “‘Nikitha’ – Morgan Shaw (2020)”

‘Philippa in Lockdown, Canterbury, Kent’ – Ranald Mackechnie

‘The pattern of life has changed: the house is tidier, delayed tasks have been completed, the car is idle, and as the chief gardener I’ve never been so happy or productive. The year of 2020 will never be forgotten.’ – Philippa In terms of execution, this photograph and it’s accompanying caption are excellent examples ofContinue reading “‘Philippa in Lockdown, Canterbury, Kent’ – Ranald Mackechnie”

‘I can’t breathe’ – Brunel Johnson, London

“The invisible ones are claiming their power back. The Black Lives Matter movement is the only opportunity for us to claim our rights to be seen, valued and heard, with intention to finally obtain equity for us to succeed” – Estelle (pictured) In this photograph we see the subject, Estelle, square on with direct eyeContinue reading “‘I can’t breathe’ – Brunel Johnson, London”

Stock Photography

I wanted to write a blog post about stock photography, mainly as a place to work through thoughts I have for an upcoming project. Stock photography is something I am familiar with through any normal means that any other person would recognise. Stock imagery has been a fundamental component within computing for over two decadesContinue reading “Stock Photography”

June Street, Salford – Martin Parr & Daniel Meadows (1973)

In 1973 student photographers, of Manchester Polytechnic, Martin Parr and Daniel Meadows set out to photograph the residents of June Street (please see footnotes for further on this) in Salford. This area of Ordsall had been earmarked for re-development which involved the eminent demolition of existing Victorian terraces and the relocation of their residents. TheContinue reading “June Street, Salford – Martin Parr & Daniel Meadows (1973)”

‘Jake and Cat, Near Rhynie, Aberdeenshire’ – Elliot Caunce

‘Jake has lived off-grid in the Scottish Highlands for over 40 years with no mains electricity, water or conventional heating. “I’m the king of this place. Everyone else can fit in with me for a change”, he said.’ Jake, the subject of the portrait is photographed in what appears to be an attic or loftContinue reading “‘Jake and Cat, Near Rhynie, Aberdeenshire’ – Elliot Caunce”

‘Chaneen, Jasmine and Ocean’ – Sophie Harris Taylor – London

“I went to photograph Chaneen and her two children as part of a series about breastfeed. After we finished shooting we ended up spending a bit more time together. there was something so beautiful about seeing the interaction between Chaneen and her two children – the purity of their children was captivating.” I selected thisContinue reading “‘Chaneen, Jasmine and Ocean’ – Sophie Harris Taylor – London”

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