Exercise 5.3: Looking at Photography

Henri Cartier-Bresson, Behind the Gare Saint-Lazard, 1932 For me, the point in this image is not necessarily what we see but, what could be. I’m always drawn back to the heel of the subject but not to examine it as an image or object but as lost expecting the image to change before my eyes.Continue reading “Exercise 5.3: Looking at Photography”

Exercise 3.2: Trace

Reading up on the suggested artists of Francesca Woodman and cinematographer Christopher Doyle I found several images of interest. two of which `I have picked out highlight in this exercise. Francesca Woodman – Space2 This first image I selected for movement within the frame. It creates a sense of loss as the subject disappears dueContinue reading “Exercise 3.2: Trace”

Independent Series – Food Porn

Recently I started considering the exercise3.1 Freeze and how I would go about shooting some images to reflect the artists mentioned I that brief. As is normally the way as I started exploring the theme I brought together a couple of extra influences that got me on a path creating my own series with independentContinue reading “Independent Series – Food Porn”

Exercise 2.1: Zoom

‘…there is no approach, approach suggests moving nearer, getting closer, suggests that we are not already near or close enough’ – Stanley Cavell For this exercise the objective is to explore the changes made to a scene by shooting multiple images from the same viewpoint but with different focal lengths. I shot this exercise withContinue reading “Exercise 2.1: Zoom”

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